In the world of luxury bathroom fixtures, each product is a work of art – and the showroom is akin to an exclusive art gallery. The BathWorld’s newly re-designed showroom by The Crossboundaries is a stunning display of eclectic bathroom products within an edgy,vibrant setting. The 2000 sq.ft. space offers a memorable experience to customers and bath-aficionados through multi-layered displays and immersive showcases.


The Bath World
Design Team

Rishabh Prajapati, Arvind Patel, Vijay Dabhi, Akshat Barve, Aditya, Yash, Stuti, Harsh Boghani & Shailesh Boghani

Photography by

Tejas Shah
Shot on location in

Vadodara, India.

Text :- Niharika Joshi