Conventionally, a residence for a typical multi-generational family would adhere to warm colors, clean lines and a rather “safe” design approach. The Crossboundaries, however, attempts to push the boundaries of conventional practice, and make progress along with the emerging contemporary design paradigms.
The 7000 sq.ft sample flat, in an upscale neighborhood in Surat is a testimony to glamorous living tied together by family values. This residential apartment interior is a confluence of distinct design ideas, each crossing their boundaries, thereby creating a stunning, alive and exciting composition.


Pankaj Bagani
Design Team

Forum Jariwala, Jeetal Gokal, Vijay Dhabi, Sanket Prajapati, Harsh Boghani & Shailesh Boghani

Photography by

Ashish Chakraborty(Cross_clicks)
Shot on location in

Surat, India.

Text :- Niharika Joshi