Work Better Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic training development office housing a young and passionate team. The design challenge was to create a representation of their enthusiasm and foster a rejuvenating workspace for the 90+ staff members, organized into different departments.

The concept was to envision the office as a central spinal cord, where creative minds could converge and collaborate in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Despite budget constraints, the team ingeniously decided to keep the ceiling exposed, providing a rustic touch by painting it grey and showcasing longitudinally running exposed ducts throughout the space. This approach added character to the environment while staying within the limited resources.

Swapnil Kamat

Jatan Joshi, Forum Jariwala, Sanket Prajapati, Vijay Dabhi, Shailesh Boghani & Harsh Boghani

Ashish Chakroborty (Cross clicks)

Mumbai, India.

TEXT CREDITS: Niharika Joshi