Bhailal Amin General Hospital Lavender Ward

The modernized Lavender Ward brings a refreshed brand and patient experience to the hospital. Due to the community’s long-standing relationship with the facility, the goal of the newly renovated Ward was to seamlessly blend the new feel into the existing hospital.

A neutral, reflective, and light color palette was used to increase ambient daylighting and bring light into the floor’s core ward areas. The narrow floor plate allows light to move deeper into the patient floors to connect patients and staff members with the outdoors. Additional color is introduced through waiting and reception areas with unique furniture selections.


Bhailal Amin General Hospital
Design Team

Rishabh Prajapati, Forum Jariwala, Neel Patel, Vijay Dabhi, Harsh Boghani & Shailesh Boghani

Photography by

Ashish Chakroborty (Cross clicks)
Shot on location in

Vadodara, India.

Text :- The Crossboundaries