Alembic Real Estate Corporate office space thrives in a delicate context of a 55-year-old industrial building with a rich legacy. This has been carefully translated into the design and detail of the 10,000sq.ft office space for over 110 employees. Combining the studio’s continuous innovation in lighting, furniture, and interior space design, this Alembic Corporate Office marks our foray into the realm of large-scale, efficient workspaces without compromising on content and context.


Alembic Ltd.
Design Team

Rishabh Prajapati, Forum Jariwala, Neel Patel, Vijay Dabhi, Khushboo Gunjal, Dhruv Prajapati, Nidhi Vyas, Pooshan, Harsh Boghani & Shailesh Boghani

Photography by

Ashish Chakroborty (Cross clicks)
Shot on location in

Vadodara, India.

Text :- Niharika Joshi