Salad Republic


Sachin Agarwal & Sonakshi Solanki

Design Team

Akshay Mer, Forum Jariwala, Sanket Prajapati,Neel Patel, Vijay Dabhi, Shailesh Boghani & Harsh Boghani

Photography by

Ashish Chakraborty(Cross_clicks)

Shot on location in

Vadodara, India.

Text :- Niharika Joshi

Project Details

This cafe is an amalgamation of many ideas, all driven towards a single goal; the pursuit of freshness in everyday lives!
The cafe interiors are an attempt at constantly engaging the visitor with details; zooming in and zooming out, from a large blue wall as backdrop to observing the minutiae of designed elements, while enjoying fresh food under an array of suspended plants.