Playmart – Sports Store


Play Mart Group

Design Team

Jatan Joshi, Sanket Prajapati, Vijay Dabhi, Shailesh Boghani & Harsh Boghani

Photography by

Ashish Chakraborty(Cross_clicks)

Shot on location in

Surat, India.

Text :- The Crossboundaries

Project Details

Playmart, the 380 sq.ft. store conceptualized and designed by The Crossboundaries, features striking angularity from walls to flooring and at its center bears rustic cantilever corten steel display shelf that carries a notion of demarcating the spaces at the same time.
The team tactfully structured the store space to accommodate all different equipment’s categorized into various sports. Apart from that, a store room and a changing room was to be included too in this narrow space.
While scheming the layout, Since the idea was to give the store a rustic look, the material palette was taken into keen consideration of following the design criteria that brings a holistic appearance to the whole interior.